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Prince of Peace Youth Group Visit

Written by Brian Upton, Assistant Director

For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. -Psalm 100:5

The youth group from Prince of Peace-Medina visited BHITC and Trinity today to assist in multiple ministries.  As I watched them tackle the day, I was struck by this: what a powerful generation God is raising up in today’s youth…passionate, sophisticated and hungry to serve and change the course of this broken world for Him. Thank you, Lord, for your work in and through every generation, time and people!




A Vicar’s Experience: Changing Perspective

Written by Vicar Marc

Time has a way of shifting your perspective. It has a way of moving you from one way of thought to another. A year in the city will accelerate that change more than anyone can imagine. Over the last seven months of my Vicarage (internship), I have been provided an experience that will last a lifetime. I came here expecting it wouldn’t be the usual Vicarage, but not really knowing what to expect beyond that.

To start with, let’s just say that learning to be a Pastor is more than just books, knowledge and bylaws. Learning to be a Pastor is about people, history, emotions, pain, accomplishment, and experiences; all these things shape us, they shape our ministry and they shape the people we minister to. Over the next few months I will be sharing some of the snippets that have shaped me and are continuing to shape me as a future Pastor.

The Dream Team

Written by Brian Upton, Assistant Director

At yesterday’s bi-weekly BHITC staff meeting, we did the usual — went around the table, shared ministry successes, synced our calendars, sought God’s guidance in prayer.  After the meeting was over, an unofficial second meeting started around the needs of African refugee children. Francois, our community worker, reported that many of the children are failing just about all their subjects in school.  “We need an international school,” Francois said, “to help these children not be illiterate for the rest of their lives.”

That got the ball rolling and, before we knew it, we were dreaming of a such a new ministry arm….a place where refugee families could bring their children for a quality education. It’s a huge dream! And I got totally excited as the conversation progressed. God, grant us Your wisdom, pour us Your grace and prosper the work of our hands!

Thank you, God, for big dreams!  They remind me that anything is possible with You!


Pictured here is only a portion of BHITC’s staff who were present today (left to right): Vicar Gary Timm, Mission Developer Francois Banyereste, Assistant Director Brian Upton (me!) , Arabic Missionary Nadia Abuamsha, Executive Director Jeff Johnson, Tutoring Administrative Coordinator Jeanne Evers, and Vicar Marc Cohen.  (Missing today were: Director of Volunteers Dawn Luecke, Arabic Missionary Nicola Abuamsha, and Director of Urban Family Learning Centers Holly Roe — you guys missed a good meeting!)

Cleveland Reads Volunteer of the Year Nomination


The Trinity tutoring program has nominated Kathy Eigenbrod for the Cleveland Reads Volunteer of the Year Award.  Kathy is a member of Trinity Lutheran and has been a positive and enthusiastic tutor for the past six years.  She has promoted the tutoring program by bringing in four family members and two friends.  She has shown us all what a faithful, dedicated volunteer tutor is!  Thank you Kathy for your wonderful work!

The Volunteer Reception will be held in April.

Refugee Birthday Video

Check out this video from our Refugee Birthday Party back in January!

Trinity’s Ten in a Row

The Trinity Tutoring program is pleased to announce its most recent inductees into the Ten in a Row Club!  These dedicated students and tutors trekked through ice and snow to make it to every tutoring session from December 11 through March 12.  Nice work guys!

Students:  Jamilla Hasan 7th grade, Adam Sumrain 2nd grade, Mustafa Sumrain 6th grade, Omar Sumrain 5th grade, Charles White 7th grade, and Keely Zellmer 6th grade


Tutors: Karen Krauss, Ted Krauss, Michael Sanders, Robert Shaner, and Sherry Thaler.


A Prayer for the City

cleveFather, without Your Spirit we are like hardened soil, packed and parched. We’ve tried to irrigate the dry deserts of our lives with pep talks and positive attitudes, but we’ve become all the more arid and barren. Divert a river from heaven upon us. Come as a rushing stream that floods dry ground. Inundate us with Your love and life in Christ. We will no longer defend ourselves from the deluge of Your Spirit’s presence. Soak us with steady streams so that what lies dormant now will bloom in the soon-coming day of blessing. Bring the outpouring of Your life on your children. Cause them to outgrow us because of the steady flow of Your Spirit, running through their lives like a great river.

“Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, ‘If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.'” -John 7:37-39

Stand with us in our city, Jesus. Raise Your voice so that everyone hears You and not just our words. Let many who come to You drink deeply and live. Transform all who believe to become streams of life. You are the source. Let us be the course through which You send Your Spirit’s life to many more. Amen.

Excerpted from WayMakers “Seek God for the City 2009”