An interesting sort of day…

An interesting sort of day…

Nobody was home.

Checked back. Nobody was home. 

Went to the daycare. Nobody brought the daughter by.

Went to school. No”bodies” had attended.

Burmese girl & several teachers answered my question of: “Where is everybody?”

They were at the hospital….oh my!

Confusion was quickly clarified.

They were getting there examinations/shots/check-ups.

My third try.

Knocked loudly over the noises of 7 warm bodies. 

To the door they came. 

I entered. 

We laughed.

We enjoyed.

We reasoned why.


Is there confusion or clarity? 

You never can quite tell.

And then there’s those significant & familiar sighs.

Is it important to explain this & that or do you let it slide? 

When it’s 10 minutes to describe-you think a bit first before you try. 

I like this family. They’re reminding me of times past and prepping me for times in my future. 

They show me my land. While I seek to know there’s. 

I like this family. They’re beautiful, fun, and eager. 

They love to learn. I think they’re quite humble.

Have you heard of ‘Jesus School’? 

I have. That’s where they go. She told me so.

I chuckled a bit….’Jesus School’. That is how she has translated church.

I think it’s a great reminder. We are learning from Jesus. 

Not the way of ‘man’…but the way of ‘Jesus’. 

In Him,

Kelly Cook, volunteer refugee mentor


2 responses to “An interesting sort of day…

  1. I loved this story in person Kelly! This blog brings back the laughter and joy that radiates out of you as you share about this amazing family! Keep searching out the deep and hidden things of God so that out of the overflow of your beautiful heart you will impact this family for God’s GLORY! LOVE YOU!

  2. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing. Your words sing

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