Lu’s God Sightings

I have seen God in so many ways over the past month:

– The four refugee girls who were so eager to help us set up for our first New

American café at St. Colman. Two hours before it started, there they were, happy to unload supplies. They saved us so many trips! – All the new volunteers who showed up to help at the cafe. “What else can we do to help?” was the common refrain. Afterward, one commented, “It was an honor for me to be there.”

– Our van drivers, who literally “go the extra mile”–whether that means serving as a substitute tutor, making a special trip in to provide simple fixes (like hammering our bumper back into shape), or coming in early, working late, or helping out at special events.

– Conversations at this year’s Advent Tea, where the tables were filled with women of diverse cultures and backgrounds. They listened spellbound to Yasmen’s personal testimony. They heard about the great gift of Christmas, and asked questions afterward. When one guest inquired about purchasing the Advent wreath because of its beauty, our volunteer gave it to her as a gift. “If that takes her a step closer to knowing our Father, it was worth it!”

– The unbridled joy of a refugee student receiving the gift of an Uno card game. Would that we all were so thankful receiving simple gifts! So today I am thankful for all these simple, God-filled acts of joy, love, and generosity.

-Luanne Bole-Becker


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