Monthly Archives: March 2011

God’s surprising goodness

Many Building Hope volunteers extend themselves well beyond the work they do with our ministries. So I wasn’t surprised when our ESL site coordinator told me she would soon be leading a mission trip to Thailand. She asked if I would be a back-up contact for our Tuesday night class, in case any questions arose while she was gone. We really didn’t expect any.

Of course, the week turned out to have all sorts of surprises and unexpected issues! Yet God showered his grace upon our conversations.

My favorite part occurred as our team dealt with the fact that our regular driver would be out of town, and none of our four subs were available either. Each teacher went above and beyond…creating a “relay” of cars back and forth between our students’ apartments complexes and our class site at Mt. Calvary, multiple times. And God definitely rewarded us!!! He sent us the largest number of students we’d seen all year!!! It was a blessing for us all.

-Luanne Bole-Becker


Frank turns 90!

The tutors and students of Trinity Tutoring helped Frank Brcak celebrate his 90th birthday at tutoring March 17th.  He has been tutoring with our program 6 years and is certainly a big asset to our program.  He is a wonderful, dependable, considerate tutor.  He and his student, Omar Sumrain, a 7th grader, work hard each week.  We all wish Frank a very happy birthday!

– Jenny & Mary Forsythe, coordinators at Trinity’s tutoring program

Student videographer captures refugee stories

In early 2010, Lutheran West high school student Mack Doherty and his dad, Mike, approached Building Hope in the City with an idea for a refugee ministry project. Mack proposed involving several members of his Boy Scout troop with local refugee youth in a series of soccer lessons and games. As his Eagle Scout project, Mack would coordinate all these activities, including shooting, writing, and editing an accompanying video. The timing was great, as it coincided with the World Cup, including a “mini” World Cup tournament and viewing party at Building Hope in the City last July! We are especially pleased to report that Mack just earned his Eagle Scout badge! Thanks, Mack, for giving so generously of your time and talents, and providing insight into this work from a student point of view.

Click to below to watch Mack’s work, courtesy of YouTube.

-Luanne Bole-Becker